The RIse of AI and what it means for your Business


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Article Takeaways:
  • Predicting the rise of AI
  • Digital Disruption with AI
  • Introducing The Shift
Melbourne-based marketing specialist Sebastian Alberti has spent more than a decade helping Australia.
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Sebastian says he has witnessed considerable changes in technology over the past three years.

“The game has changed drastically during this time. Artificial Intelligence is now able to make more accurate decisions of how and where to acquire customers better than any human ever could,” he says.

Predicting the rise of AI

As an intuitive marketer, Sebastian has observed the growth of machine learning and artificial intelligence over the past two years.

His firm, Marketing LAB now has a team of 14 dedicated AI growth strategists as Sebastian believes AI has become an intricate but integral part of doing business online.

“Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like this. For every five successful campaigns we launch today, three will be winners due to the help of AI and machine learning.”

While adapting to AI and machine learning has been a smooth transition for large companies with huge budgets, the shift in technology is, unfortunately, leaving many smaller businesses behind.

“With AI and machine learning, it’s virtually impossible for small businesses to compete as many of them have no idea about what these advancements in technology can do for them. Many struggling business owners are in denial and won’t accept that what worked as recently as last year is now a losing strategy. Unfortunately, business owners are also being left disappointed by some unqualified SEO agencies, who are selling outdated solutions.”

Digital Disruption with AI

It isn’t all bad news. Sebastian says it is still possible for smaller Australian businesses to remain competitive online, but they have to work quickly.

“Advertising isn’t cheap anymore, and the competition is fierce, so if businesses want to gain market share, they need to take this online advertising game very seriously. Yes, this means getting your website and social advertising right, but it’s also vital that businesses allocate their ad budget correctly.”

Sebastian says smaller businesses are missing out on extremely high quality online leads because they are not taking advantage of the hundreds of traffic sources now available.

“There is a small window of opportunity for local businesses to get involved with AI early before it becomes mainstream, and everyone is using it,” he says.

Introducing The Shift

Marketing LAB has just launched a documentary to help Australian businesses harness the power of AI and machine learning before it’s too late.

The documentary, The Switch reveals how smaller businesses can use AI to make accurate decisions about winning clients on the web, without the huge budgets of their larger competitors.

Sebastian says that the documentary has taken close to a year and hundreds of hours in research to produce.

“The Switch exposes a few industry secrets, so it will likely make us very unpopular with our competitors. Many big businesses don’t want this information to come out to the public.”

Marketing LAB’s documentary The Shift is available exclusively via To learn the Big Business inside secrets on how to use AI and machine learning to dominate online, click here.

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