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    Marketing Lab Blog is updated weekly with fresh new material, to help your business stay ahead of the curve.
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    Marketing Lab

    Result Driven

    We specialise in generating leads, enquiries and sales from the web for our clients.

    Solutions not Services

    We’re in it the whole way. We provide clients with solutions to marketing problems.

    Complete Packages

    We’ve created packages to support you through the entire customer buying journey.

    Pro Support

    We give you access to the best on-demand support team to keep you moving forward.

    Power to change everything.

    Say hello to Marketing Lab the agency that is extreme in every way. With a core focus on performance, growth and results, we offer a wide range of solutions that help you push the limits to what is possible.

    Marketing Knowledge

    At Marketing Lab we focus on our strength and capabilities. We provide richer, more expansive solutions that are geared towards improving under preforming campaigns. Here is a demonstration on how much deepth our services go into, which varies greatly within the industry.

    • Google Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • Linkedin
    • Social Media
    • Funnels / Follow ups
    • Content Creation
    • Video
    • Remarketing Ads

    Forget everything you know about a marketing agency

    If you’ve worked with another agency and have gotten the run around, when it comes to your campaigns, you most likely feel like you’re not getting what you were promised. If this is you, then it’s time to reconsider your options.

    Level of Serviceability

    For Marketing Lab it’s all about how quickly we can learn and help you adapt in today’s rapidly changing world.

    We use machine learning to improve your bottom dollar

    Today, if you’re not using AI to assist you with building prospect profiles and allowing AI to learn how to acquire more leads, faster and more accurately, you are no doubt leaving lots of money on the table. Very few agencies and business’s are talking about the power of AI and how it is revolutionising the world we know. At the rate in which AI is advancing, it won’t be long before AI is totally responsible for bringing you a consistent flow of high-quality clients. We use machine learning every day at Marketing Lab, it enables us do things quicker and more efficient with less errors. So instead of being like most agencies that exclusively rely on creativity and wisdom our solutions are also driven by machine learning. So, whether you are a believer of AI or not, AI is here to stay, it’s up to you if you want to sit back and watch things unfold or you’re prepared to take action now and put it to work for your business.,

    The challenges are that AI is reasonable new and not many agencies are using it correctly or to its fullest potential. At Marketing Lab we use machine learning and AI on our clients projects, with great success.


    Discover the next level of Banner Ads

    All our campaigns offer 5x more banner sizes than our competitors. Greater banner options and numbers gives the AI bots more variations to measure against and learn what works a lot quicker and more accurately.

    Our banner ads penetrate a wider network and across multiple traffic sources. We don’t believe in limiting our ad exposure to one or two traffic source and one or two styles of ads.

    We run your ads across 20+ traffic sources and we run up to 15 different sizes and variations.

    Results driven

    We are a results driven agency, instead of us explaining to you what that looks like. Its best we allow our clients to do that for us.


    An honest digital marketing agency is hard to find today. Many of these so-called agencies work on a churn and burn method. Overpromise and under deliver, rinse and repeat, getting new clients is how they survive.

    At MarketingLab we believe in being honest even if it effects our chances to make more money. To us honesty is the glue that makes the relationship stick long term. We’re not all about the next client, we’re here the whole way.

    Loyalty Program

    Our clients get rewarded with a loyalty card that credits them the longer they remain a customer.

    We believe in helping clients grow by giving them access to add-on services that complement their campaigns and their results. The clients that are part of our loyalty program get rewarded as they grow.

    Get access to all these services at half the cost, just by being a loyal customer

    100+ Traffic Sources

    Cross Platform Promotions

    Machine Learning Campaigns

    Pro Support

    Performance Websites

    Pro Support

    Say Hi to your team of experts

    Working with us means premium serviceability and not just in one area, in all areas of your digital marketing.

    Unlike other digital marketing agencies that clock on at 9 and clock off at 5 and aren’t available when you need them. Our team of 14 growth stratagists are on your call and demand, at all hours of the night, sometimes on weekends and on public holidays. We do this, not because we’re desperate, but because we understand making money never stops. All our staff are problem solvers with great knowledge on your account. No more getting the run around by account managers that have no understanding of your business.

    Stay in the loop

    Marketing Lab Blog is updated weekly with fresh new material, to help your business stay ahead of the curve.