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Don’t Rely on HUMANS.
Rely on the MACHINES.

Since marketing began in the 40’s business’ have been relying on campaigns driven by knowledge, big budgets and trial and error to try and gain results which aren’t always guaranteed. Now, marketing in the 21st century has seen a seismic shift when it comes to delivering results. Gone are the days of big promises and little to no rewards.

We can guarantee results no matter the budget, company size or the market you’re in. How you might ask?
It’s called marketing with


The shift is Deep Machine Learning. What we mean by this is that computers are using their deep learning algorithms to record and store data every single day to constantly learn and update themselves on things such as trends, buying patterns, products within the market, interaction rates, demographics, interests, habits…….. And the list goes on and on.

With this deep machine learning comes Power.
Power within your Marketing.

This type of new age marketing is consuming industries with its sheer power, result driven learning and it’s changing the way many professions are going about their business models.

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The Game Changer In Finding A Target Audience That Converts Into Sales

Gone are they days where you could buy a slot on television, put up an ad and expect to see results. Customers today are wanting a highly interactive & highly personalised consumer experience.

Marketers have always faced the battle of delivering the right message, to the right customer, at the right time. But with AI, delivering this message is accomplished easily with what we call customer segmentation.

AI allows us as marketers to separate your customers into distinct personas and understand exactly what motivates them in terms of products, services or interactions.

With this type of information in mind we can build campaigns tailored to these audiences that we know will drive results.

The core benefits of
Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

More Intelligent Searches

With smarter audiences comes smarter searches. People are finding what they want, faster than ever before thanks to rapid fire search engines. AI & Big Data solutions can analyse these search patterns to help marketers know where to focus their efforts.


Smarter Ads

With a new abundance of data available, online ads can become smarter and tailored to a specific audience group. AI allows us to dig deeper into keyword searches, social profiles and other online data to allow you to establish a connection through your ads.


Refined Content Delivery

Audience analytics is going past the typical demographics level to understand people on an individual basis. Understanding audiences on this type of basis allows marketers to identify ready buyers or future clients so they know what type of advertising to serve.


Budget Optimisation

By having access to this amount of data, trends and machine learning we are able to produce campaigns that will produce exceptional results at a fraction of the cost.


Continued Learning

Because of its continuous learning process AI technologies can uncover what were once hidden insights and can now also incorporate them into your future marketing, optimizing outreach to target only the most relevant users.


If we as marketers are getting excited, then you as a business owner should be jumping out of your seat right about now.

The reason why we are so excited is because here at Marketing Lab we have been

AI technology for quite some time now and we are already seeing results.
Finally, we are at a stage where we feel motivated to share the results, so you can see first-hand the power of this technology.

A series of different campaigns were managed and monitored by our marketing team with the help of AI to prove what was more efficient Human or Machine. This is what we found.

We were able to create an
Awareness Campaign That Reached 25,000 people, Had over 4000 engagements, 802 comments, 600 new followers & 678 shares in just over 2 weeks.
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Built A Campaign Which Generated Over
36 Qualified Leads Produced $150,000 In Revenue Spent Just Over $500 In Under 30 Days
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We Transformed an
Online Cable Management Store’s AdWords Campaign in Just 4 Months To Increase Their Leads by A Massive 435% By Using A.I Technology
*The first screenshot shows campaigns producing a total of 39 conversions for the month with a 25% conversion rate
Monthly Conv - Marketing Lab
*The second screenshot shows the campaigns producing 326 conversions for the month and producing an 435% increase in our conversion rate.
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If You Are One of The Following Business Types
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Have not done any type of online marketing and are looking for a good place to start

A.I will build and learn who your target audience quickly and build data that will help you with campaign optimisation, so you are not wasting time and money on testing.

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Small business who is running campaigns but are wanting more results from your marketing dollar

Learning trends within your niche market and uncovering insights allows A.I to deliver your advertising to the right people who are wanting to take action right there and then.

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Medium to large business who is looking to scale their sales and conversions 2:1 or even 3:1 through their marketing

With the capabilities of A.I and big data we are able to see exactly what marketing works for your business. With this type of knowledge, we are able to use your budget more efficiently to scale your business model.

Wanting to Learn More About the Power Of A.I In Marketing?
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