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Luxury Adult E-Comm Store uses 360 Campaign To Generate 3X In Sales From AdWords During COVID-19.

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    Find out how we drilled into untapped markets to get our luxury toys in front of high-quality traffic that was guaranteed to convert using innovative and new marketing strategies.

    This Luxury adult store had a few problems they were battling with before they turned to us for help.


    • Decrease in online sales due to COVID-19
    • On average producing 30 sales per month without any way to scale and grow
    • Consumers lost their buyers confidence when purchasing luxury items


    • Complete customer profiling (Client Discovery exercise) and business scoping to identify the ideal customer
    • Build customer Avatars using raw data
    • Differentiate their products from the competition, educating the market as to why these are quality luxury toys that come with a hefty price tag
    • Complete an in-depth AdWords audit. Analysing ads & keyword performance. Cutting areas that are underperforming to shave wasted clicks and maximise budget for more conversion opportunities.
    • Balancing our AdWord campaigns with the right number of research, converting & brand keywords to hit customers at all stages of their buying cycle
    • Uncover untapped markets within Googles ad platform, where we could serve our ads to help us dominate the Australian adult market
    • Identify new strategies to lower the barrier of entry for customers who had lost their buyers confidence due to COVID-19
    • Implement innovative strategies to help scale & grow the campaigns conversion figures, boosting company revenue from online sales


    • This Luxury E-Comm adult store is now dominating the adult toy industry, occupying a large share of the Australian market
    • They now have an active Google AdWords campaign that generates 90+ sales per month on average. Sometimes hitting 120+ in sales for a good month.
    • We rank No 1 on Google shopping for 85% of our product range, taking advantage of this cheap ad format by generating large amounts of high-quality traffic to our site
    • Understanding our ideal customer gives us increased impact when we are creating our ads, guaranteeing better engagement and conversion results
    • We drove $40,000 of extra revenue by offering a simple payment facilitator within our sales process to help customers overcome their low buyer confidence.

    Visit the link below to get the full story on how we achieved these results.

    Case Study Luxury Adult

    Stay in the loop

    Marketing Lab Blog is updated weekly with fresh new material, to help your business stay ahead of the curve.