Facebook Targeting – Unlock 1000’s of Secret Niche Interests that your Competitors aren’t Using

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Nikolas Jamieson

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Here’s how to win – Unlock 1000’s of Secret Niche Interests that your Competitors aren’t Using

Targeting is everything right?

Especially when it comes to your Facebook campaigns.

When creating a new ad campaign on Facebook it is very easy to get caught up within the limited targeting options that Facebook makes available.

There are two ways in which you can directly target from Facebook

1. Interest Suggestions tool (provided when you create an ad)
2. Audience Insights tool (many people don’t even know about this)
There is also a third way to do so but I will reveal it later in this post.

Now the result of using the targeting tools on Facebook means you will be competing with the same 11 to 15 interests that are made available to everyone else (including your nearest competitor) who is doing a search for that interest.

The reason Facebook does this is because they are in business to make money too. If everyone competes for the same traffic guess what…..

Click Costs Go Up

Competition Goes Up

Ad Spend Goes Up

This is a common mistake many advertisers on Facebook make, because they simply just don’t know that there is anything else available.

So how do you overcome such a problem?

Well there is a tool that we use in house and it reveals thousands of extra interests that you simply just wouldn’t come across because Facebook does not make them available to you.

Let me explain to you exactly what I mean.

Let’s take the common interest of ‘Weight Loss for example’

Here are the results using the tools that Facebook makes available, plus the results of our in house interest tool. 

Ad Creation Tool
15 interests revealed
Ad Creation Tool - Marketing Lab
Audience Insights Tool
10 interests revealed with associated job titles & demographics
Audience Insight Tool - Marketing Lab
marketing lab
Our Interest Targeting Tool
43 Interests revealed
Targeting Tool - Marketing Lab

See what I mean?

There is an additional 30+ interests listed here, of different audiences that you can target. These are hyper targeted niches that many of your competition wouldn’t be serving their advertising to which means you have the freedom to easily dominate that space.

Marketing Lab Facebook Targeting Tool
Without our Facebook™ interest targeting tool

Your’re loosing faith in your advertising, becoming frustrated with the little results you are seeing even though your product and offer is good

You’re spending heaps of time researching niches to target but realise you can’t target them when you hop onto Facebook Uncovering Hidden Interests

Your’re loosing faith in your advertising, becoming frustrated with the little results you are seeing even though your product and offer is good

With our Facebook interest targeting tool

You’re targeting hyper- relevant interests that most other advertisers can’t find, resulting in lower ad costs, cheaper clicks & better engagement rates

You’re dominating market spaces that are resulting in greater ROAS and Conversions for your business

You're in markets that your competitors don't even know exist, giving you more time capture audiences and establish your dominance

Here is a quick demonstration below of our interest target tool in action.

We want to create a fair playing ground for advertisers who use the Facebook ad platform. So we will help you uncover 10 new, hyper targeted, competition free niche interests that you can serve your advertising too.

Simply fill in the details below and we will email you a private cheat sheet with your 10 new interests completely FREE

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