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The Coca Cola ad template that has been successfuly used by Objective3D to sell 3D printers to Boeings, Swinburne & Diahastu


We will reveal step by step, the system that we use in our agency here in Melbourne that helped
Line Graph - Marketing Lab

Local Furniture Rental store scale it's revenue by 3x in just one year

Overlaping Graphs - Marketing Lab

E-Comm Cable Management Store increase their leads by 435% in 120 days

90 to 30 - Marketing Lab

Luxury Adult Store explode their sales from 30 to 90 per month in under 60 days

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Matt - Marketing Lab

"We are showing up everywhere and it's great, everytime I am on the web I see our ads"
Matt Minio - Director

Peter - Marketing Lab

"Another record month. Thanks a lot and kepp the dollars rolling in for us."
Peter Emerson - Director
Click On Rentals

Vernon - Marketing Lab

"Their expertise and specialist knowledge in optimising our campaigns has meant we have gotten the results we couldn't have achieved otherwise."
Vernon Tang - National Marketing Manager

Daniel - Marketing Lab

"Best month in sales ever. MarketingLan's Coca Cola campaign is certainly working and I'm showing up everywhere online."
Daniel Johnson - Director

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