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Chatbots designed and built for businesses who
want to serve there customers better
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Looking for new ideas and better ways to serve your customer?

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No budget to hire sales, marketing or support staff?

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No strategy on how to capture the visitors that are currently on your site looking for answers?

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No time to engage with your customers?

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Meet your new, full-time, - do-it-all staff member - at CHATBOT LAB.

A chatbot Lab is a computer program designed to meet, support and engage with your customers online.
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What can our Chatbot do for your business?

Experience the full power and benefits of chatbots. Here are some of the possibilities in which a chatbot can help take your business to the next level.

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Keep your customers happy

Customers want results and answers, NOW. 40% don’t care if they are getting help from a human or chatbot.
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Even easier to

Make it easier for your visitors to connect with your business by answering their questions 24/7.

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Increase your

Customers want to be instantly and fully informed before making a purchase.
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Provide unique shopping experiences

Enhance customers’ shopping experiences with on-going personalised conversations about your products and services.

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Skyrocket your
lead gen

Customers are tired of exchanging their email for useless giveaways, Capture their details within a conversation and qualify them into a valuable lead
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Strong relationship
that last

Build an instant connection with visitors to your site and turn them into long lasting relationships. A customers value can triple instantly if they feel comfortable with your business.

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Showcase your brand

Put your best foot forward right from the first message. Showcase your brand in the best way possible.

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No Distractions means
all the attention is
on you

Engage customers in a 1-to-1 conversation without distractions via daily brand updates through humor and storytelling.

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Leave humans for
human stuff

Let chatbots perfectly handle all of the monotonous stuff. Allow humans to focus 100% on valuable tasks that require a human touch.

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Intuitive & Smart

Your chatbot is trigger based so that it’s responses are accurate to what your customers need.
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Scale your business

Not having to put on extra staff means money can be better spent on things that truly mater to help scale your business.
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No lunch breaks here

Your always-on chatbot can be built and trained to enhance your marketing, sales, support, and brand building.

Why a Chatbot?

Chats bots are becoming one of the most powerful communication tools of all time. If created correctly a chat bot can easily serve 100s of visitors at the same time. This frees up other valuable resources for businesses.

The other major benefits is the amount of intergrations that your chat bot can have. Not only can you integrate the bot into your website but you can use it with other applications such as Facebook messenger.


Chat Bots

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Open Rates
Click-thru Rates



Monthly active businesses on Facebook Messenger


Messages are exchanged between customers and businesses every month on Messenger


Of consumers worldwide used a chat bot for customers support last year

1.4 B

People and counting are using chatbots


Of operational costs can be cut implementation of Chat Bot


Industries profiting from incorporating chat bots are Real Estate (28%), Travel (16%), Education (14%), Healthcare (10%), & Finance (5%)

Discover the power of Chatbots with your marketing

A perfect combination of chatbot & marketing can go a long way in todays world of online business.

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Boost your marketing

Your secret sales weapon

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Caring for customers

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Frequently asked questions

Join a community of small business owners who help each other grow. Ask us a question.

Do I pay the bot platform plan
costs myself?

Yes, as the exclusive owner of the bots we build for you, you will just need to pay a monthly bot hosting cost directly to the bot software service provider we use to build your bot with.

Can you help me build a
website too?

Yes, we can! Prepare yourself for owning a beautiful, high-converting website that goes hand-in-hand with your chatbot and the latest in messenger marketing strategies.

Can you help with my
marketing services?

Yes, we can! We are performance based marketing agency that also manage Google Ads, Social Media & Direct response marketing campaigns.

Can I update my bot with more services & products?

Easily! We can just update your bot with the new products or services that you offer. We will only charge you an hourly rate for time spent developing and testing your new bot responses.

Meet our team

We have created Chatbot Lab from our shared desire to help businesses, especially small ones, in the most impactful way that we know – through the unlimited power and potential of chatbots.

Sebastian - Marketing Lab


Marketing Strategist &
Conversation Design

Nikolas - Marketing Lab


Developer &
Conversation Design

Learn from other
Small Business Owners


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with the launch of our new product we had over 1000 visitors per day coming to our site Information, set up tutorials, pricing and guides on where to purchase our product. Without chat bot we would not have been able to give our customers the services they needed. We now only pass on prospects to our team members when are qualified by out bot.

Brilliant Lighting,
National Lighting Company
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Chatbotsplay a major part in the success of qualifying a prospect who is simply looking to a qualified lead. Chatbot lab carefully constructed each questions and conversation to be able to do so. A large portion of our revenue can be attributed to our highly intuitive chat bot.

Brilliant Lighting,
National Lighting Company
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Build and Hire Chatbot Lab

Our custom bot guarantees a 20% higher engagement rate
with customer conversations


Visitors to your site


of those angage in conversations = 200 conversions


turn into loyal paying customers = 20 new customers