Buyers Journey

There are many ways to occupy the mind of your prospects, but there is one way that trumps the them all, and that is to be in front of your prospects at all stages throughout their buying lifecycle. Many businesses advertising on the web today are doing it wrong, they are making it easy for prospects to forget them. The key is to make it difficult for your prospective clients to miss your ads.

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With high competition comes high advertising costs. The recent increase in click costs and high competitor budgets makes it extremely difficult for businesses to compete, let alone be everywhere at one time and be able to occupy the mind of their prospects. We have made it easy for businesses to compete in the saturated & niche markets without needing to be constantly increasing their budget. Our solution is designed to help you solve this exact problem. Our 360 campaign allows you to run ads to your prospects over a series of different traffic sources all at the one time, so that the chances of your ad going unnoticed drops by 31.6%.

Data-Driven Advertising

Our 360 Campaign includes smart, data-driven advertising in your marketing strategy to truly reach any contact online, wherever they are. Marketing LAB advertising solutions build done-for-you hyper-targeted smart ads using your first-party data and insights to boost retention, reach, and ROI.

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Multiple ad networks on one campaign

We use your data to extend your reach across multiple networks and go beyond the inbox. Effectively match contact data with network profiles to target them across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Data Infused ads for high-impact

Our 360 Campaign enables us to reach precision points with your ads by selecting the most high-potential contacts and delivering them high-impact content, anytime, anywhere. Scale your reach by using look-a-like audiences to clone your best customers and start seeing better returns.

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We create purposeful omnichannel experiences

We execute data-driven ad campaigns across multi-channels with automated marketing programs that make sure your message is well aligned, consistent, and gets to the recipients at the right time. We run Display and Search Result Ads to your omnichannel strategy to create a powerful synchronised experience alongside Email, SMS, and Push Notifications.

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Specific Content Types are most relevant at specific stages of the Buyer’s Journey
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Analysis Report, Research Report eGuide & eBooks, Editorial Content Expert Content, White Papers Lectures & Educational Content

Prospect is experiencing and expressing symptoms of a problem. They are doing educational research to get a better understanding to improve the situation.

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Considering Stage - Marketing Lab

Comparison White papers, Expert Guides, Live Interactions, Podcast, Video & Completed Studies

Prospect has now clearly defined and given a name to their problem or opportunity. They are now committed to researching and understanding all of the available approaches/methods to solving their defined problem or opportunity.

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Decision - Marketing Lab

Vendor Comparisons, Product Comparisons, Case Studies, Trial Download, Product Literature/Brochures & Live Demo

Prospect has now decided on their solution strategy, method, or approach. Is compiling a long list of all available vendors and products in their given solution strategy. They are researching to narrow the long list down to a short list and ultimately make a final purchase decision.
The Prospective Customer Life Cycle

Below is a demonstration of how our 360 campaigns helps businesses occupy the mind of their prospective customers.

Prospective - Marketing Lab

A lot of our competitors rely on marketing strategies that focus exclusively on driving traffic to a site, in the dire hope that the visitor will convert into a paying customer on the first interaction they face with their business… this is very unlikely.

Our 360 campaign helps your prospects consume content and information about your products or services in gradual amounts over a longer period of time.

So instead of relying on the first-time sale, we build rapport and relationships over time & have multiple chances to pitch prospects on our offers.

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Our 360 campaigns are built with a proven formula, marketing psychology and methodology. A place where we combine creative thinking, highly mapped out strategies that are made up of over millions of data points and machine learning.

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