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Introducing the powerful

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The only campaign of its kind, one that gets the attention of your prospective clients from all angles, no matter where they go on the web. When you target prospects at this level, conversions simply happen on their own.

True Done for You Services

With our 360 campaign, you can be confident that your campaign is being covered from start to finish. Our services are complete and all-inclusive, so you’re not being stung for unforeseeable costs along the life of your project.

Web Ready Websites

With all-new 360 campaigns, we run your site through a 40-point checklist to ensure that there isn’t an issue with your site that could be blocking the performance of your campaigns. We look for broken links, broken pages, site speed, hosting issues, practically anything that could impact the performance of your ads.

Wider Traffic Exposure

As you know, traffic is king, with our 360 campaign businesses are now able to reach their target customers everywhere they go online. Our 360 campaign enables businesses to cast a wider net across the web. So no matter if your prospects are on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Social Media, our 360 campaign is guaranteed to reach them.

Advance Buyer Journey

All 360 campaign clients go through a rigorous buyer journey exercise to ensure your campaigns targets the correct prospects and through all steps of their buying journey. Think of it like a remarketing campaign, but across various channels. There is nothing like this available today.

Cross-Platform Promotion

Our 360 campaigns have been purposefully created with smarts ads that are compatible across multiple platforms. So, whether your prospects are on a desktop, tablet or mobile device, you can be assured that your ads will be seen.

Purposeful & Powerful Ads

Apart from targeting prospects throughout their buying journey, we craft ads that are also purposeful and meaningful to prospects at the right time, which is key when you’re trying to stand out amongst your competitors online.

Flexible & Tailored Campaigns

We’ve made it easy and affordable for businesses to gain access to a plethora of services with our 360 campaigns. All of our packages can be modified to suit your business model, budgets and goals. Our 360 packages are inclusive of all the add-ons you would ever need. This flexibility gives businesses the ability to pick and choose from a variety of options, so their campaigns are not only targeted but also relevant.

Campaign Purposed Landing Pages

Inclusive on all 360 packages, we build custom campaign purposed landing pages that target prospects personas, their needs, interests and desires. This ensures that your new 360 campaign ads are in sync and related to your offer. This is what makes our 360-campaign different and unique.

A/B Split Testing

Our 360 campaigns do an excellent job to drive quality traffic that has a high likely hood of converting into a lead or sale. The problem with most businesses is they have websites that are not built to convert traffic into sales. All our 360 campaigns include ongoing AB testing, heat map tracking and variation testing to ensure we remove any blocks that could be hindering the ability to convert your traffic into paying clients.

Tailored Email Campaign

Everyone knows the success of any marketing campaign is highly dependent on your ability to communicate with a prospect throughout their buying lifecycle. Our 360 campaign includes simple and complex email campaigns that are made to help you follow up, son one off broadcasts or run purposeful sale promotion campaigns. When an email follow-up campaign is combined with smart and tailored traffic generation campaigns, conversions are drastically improved.

Sales/Event/Promo Videos

Most businesses know today video is becoming increasingly popular for its ease of getting a sales message across accurately and quickly. The companies that incorporate a video component to their marketing are usually able to increase conversion by as much as 5x. All our 360 campaigns include a video creation component that helps support the sales message.

Chatbot & Live Support

There is nothing better for a prospective client than a business being able to assist them with their enquiry, then and there. Our 360 campaigns give clients a live chat and an automated chat agent to assist with live client enquiries.

Reporting and Tracking

With our 360 campaigns, you can be assured that the performance of your campaigns is being tracked for effectiveness at all times. We provide clients with an intensive reporting dashboard that enables them to see the number of leads, calls or sales generated at any given day or time. Our reports provide relevant and useful metrics that make it quick and easy to interpret. No more guessing or being kept in the dark.

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Our campaigns are dialled in, and we’re seeing a higher ROI than ever.


Typical Marketing Lab’s
360 Campaign Structure.

Structure - Marketing Lab
360 Campaign - Marketing Lab

Our 360 Campaign has generated  134,330 leads & managed over $6.5 million in ad spend over the last 24 months.

Our customers average 5x return on ad spend.

Partnering with Marketing Lab,
means you have an advantage

Partnership - Marketing Lab

You can now smash your sales targets & KPI’s with help from our 360 campaign. Regardless of your business needs, our partnership together means you now get exclusive access to the most unique and powerful strategies available on the digital technology sector. This is a massive advantage for you and your business.

While other gurus just focus on SEO, PPC and social media advertising, we’ve combined 10 services and rolled them into 1 to give clients a serious advantage over their competitors.

Our services extend further than just traffic generation activities, like most offered by our competitors, because lets face it, high amounts of traffic doesn’t translate to a high amount of sales.

Companies no longer need to work with several agencies at one time in order to build in-depth marketing strategies, which are made to support the sale.

Unlike our competition who mainly focus on selling services that support you at a micro level, which are made up of multiple parts often not thought out with detail which impacts your campaigns negatively rather positively.  Our 360 campaign is strategically tailored & formulated to support our clients through the entire prospect buying cycle.

One of the Most Effective Forms of Digital Advertising 

The biggest problem businesses face when trying to use digital advertising to win more clients online, is that they don’t run campaigns which are built to help you connect your products or services with prospects from multiple angles.

Appealing to customers in more ways gives them more reasons to connect with your business.  

Wipe out the competition with a smarter, stronger strategy 

To win online today you need to be influential. In an ultra-competitive digital world, it’s essential that businesses put in the extra effort to stay front-of-mind with prospects in the crucial decision-making stages prior to purchase. This gives you a second chance to win over potential customers. We dig deep to understand where your visitors come from and the places they visit frequently, so we can target the most relevant ad channels for your business.

Stop working with 3 different digital agencies!

Multiple digital disciplines all combined to achieve better ROI.
Our carefully formulated 360 campaign delivers balance, consistency and most importantly results.
Whether it’s SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Web or CRO,
our 360 Campaign combines all these services into 1 package to help clients meet their KPI’s.

Our combined services approach often delivers better value as well as better results.

Our 360 Campaign Has Been Carefully Formulated to Help Clients Convert More Of Their Traffic Into Sales.

Our 360 campaign occupies the mind of your prospective clients at all stages of their buying journey. Unlike other agencies that focus on hitting a lead at the end of their buying cyle with a strategy focused on one or two angles we come in from a complete 360 approach. 

How our 360 campaign Works
Typical competitor campaign structure.
Typical Competitr - Marketing Lab

Unfortunately, with this method, it restricts your opportunity to grow.

Omnichannel Marketing

With the Marketing Lab 360 campaign we build you seamless cross platform and cross device experiences for your customers, right down to the smallest detail. This will help you improve engagement by offering your customers the value, consistency & deep personalisation they crave across channels.

ML 360 Campaign Min - Marketing Lab
Email powered by AI

Using our Marketing Lab 360 campaign means you will now be able to perfectly run contextual emails designed to increase open rate engagement with your customers. We build you powerful emails with our drag-and-drop split test editor. Take your personalisation to the next level and replace manual works with tangible, end-to-end AI solutions like product recommendations and automated send time optimisation. 

Omni Email Temp - Marketing Lab

Our 360 Campaign will transform your website into a AI-powered marketing channel by using elements traditionally accessible only to large corperations. Elements such as; advanced segmentation, split test automation, content & ad creative personalisation, conversational lead forms, intuitive & user friendly chat bots. 

We feed your AI campaigns with the most relevant website data from your traffic, your check out interactions, your enquries and your telephone conversions. This customer information and multi-channel interaction helps us bring your customers a unprecedented user experience on your website which can’t be achieved anywhere else.

Web - Marketing Lab
Social - Marketing Lab

Our Marketing Lab 360 campaign will help you build, an online presence that makes it difficult for you to go unnoticed within your prospects world.  With our smart social media campaigns, we can pre load posts which we push accross multiple platforms over a select period of time allowing us to drip feed our customers with desirable content. Our campaigns use the latest AI technologies which help us make better decisions based on predictions and probability.  With our 360 social campaigns you can start actively managing and scaling relationships for a better omnichannel experience. Strengthen relationships, build momentum, and measure performance all while learning what makes your customers tick.


With our 360 campaign you will be able to connect with customers on their most personal and trusted device. More than 60% of your customers are using mobile devices to search the web for businesses just like yours. The only way to attract these types of customers is with thought out, highly personalised and engaging mobile content which can be achieved with our all-in-one 360 communication solution.

Mobile IG REV - Marketing Lab

Ads That Influence

Our 360 campaigns include data-driven advertising intelligence, that helps us build your marketing strategies to truly reach your prospects online, wherever they are. We can create hyper-targeted smart ads using your first-party data and insights to boost retention, reach, and ROI.

ADS that Influence - Marketing Lab
Offline Mail

Achieve greater results by adding personalized direct mail to your cross-channel strategy.
We create your campaigns using the rich data you have already collected about your customers, automate recurring send-outs, and integrate direct mail into your digital marketing strategy.

Camp Offline Mail - Marketing Lab
360 Campaign Process
Process - Marketing Lab
Client Discovery

How we do it

All succesful advertising campaigns are built on the right foundation, the most important exercise any business can conduct when building a new marketing program is a comprehensive customer profiling exercise to achieve a greater understanding of how to communicate and persuade potential customers into buying. We are very proud of the extensive research and level of preparation that we perform for our clients.

During this step we identify:

  • Who is the customer?
  • Demographics
  • Interest/Desire
  • Pain/Avoidance
Market Research

How we do it

During this exercise, we conduct extensive research about your marketplace, your competitors and the industries you serve. The clearer we get, at understanding what your market trends and wants are, and how we can better serve them, in a way that is most cost effective for your business .

During this step we identify:

  • Keywords
  • Industries
  • Competitors
Value Proposition

How we do it

Understanding what makes you different and how your product or service offerings are unique, is key to helping you differentiate from the competition. This exercise enables us to re-evaluate & re-model your offering so that you are noticed by giving unique value to your prospects within the crowd of competitors occupying the same space.

During this step we identify:

  • Unique value proposition
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Buyer behaviour
Irresistible Offer

How we do it

The best way to break into and dominate a marketplace is to give your potential clients an offer they can't refuse. During our 360 campaign creation process we help clients craft an irresistible offer, one that is unique to their business which will persuade their target audience to take action. This exercise involves understanding what your prospect needs and wants are, at a level where we can appeal, by making them feel as though the offer is suited directly to them .

During this step we identify:
  • Services offerings
  • Value stacking
  • Product naming
Process - Marketing Lab
360 Campaign Banner Pack
Vector - Marketing Lab
Bannerpack - Marketing Lab

Get Ahead of the

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Get an inside look at our 360 Campaign

Our 360 Campaign will go everywhere
your customers go

Go everywhere with your customers, whether it’s work or play, all in the one campaign. 360 gets you all over , Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and 100’s of other platforms.

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Learn how our 360 Audit can help you grow.

One of the best kept secrets to any succesful marketing campaign is the level of research which has gone into building those campaigns

Learn how your campaigns stack up to our 360 campaigns